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AIMS - Academic Management Information System

ProductsAIMS - Academic Management Information System

Product : e-Business Solution (Java ERP) V 2.0
OS : Linux/ Windows
Database : Oracle 10g/ 11g
Application Server : Weblogic/ GlassFish


Aims is the most comprehensive and user friendly software package developed by Micropro, especially for an educational institute. It is designed keeping in mind the requirements of all sizes of schools and colleges. It is easily manageable and conforms to the high educational standards.

  • Flexibility to configure courses
  • Fees and events like exams and competencies of any Complexity as well as Result processing and Mark Sheet Printing.
  • Support class wise multi fee schemes.
  • Supports for Local Langugage
  • Web enabled performance reports, examination details and event details.
  • Fully integrated modules (Inventory Management, Finance, Payroll, Student Information etc)
  • Solid Financial tracking with company billing and accounts receivbable
  • Flexible and user oriented reporting system with a foundation of over 100 pre-configured reports.
  • To cater to the external needs of Board/University/Ministry/External Governing bodies performated, report with local language support.
  • Inbuilt interactive Voice Recognition system Support.
  • Interfacing capability with External Time Atendance System
  • In Multi User Environment, micro level security is provided.
  • Easy to use.
  • Complete solution for any complex institutional structure.

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