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Product : e-Governance
OS : Linux/ Windows
Database : Oracle 10g/ 11g
Application Server : Weblogic/ GlassFish


Urbanization has resulted in influx of population in towns and cities. It is always an endeavor of the Government to have optimum size of corporation with able system in place. However, manual systems have their limitations and may not give desired results at times. With the advancement of Information technology most of economic activities and efficient Governance is managed through E-Governance. This makes the government more responsive and accessible.They can improve their own functioning, become more transparent and provide better services. We have developed various modules for Municipal Corporations and Councils all over the Maharashtra State like Property Tax, Death and Birth Registration, Water Supply and Billing, CESS Management, online E- tendering and Hoarding Management. These modules are developed using Pure J2EE -MVC Architecture which is completely browser based and can be installed on central server for multi location option of the client. These modules support regional languages (Multi lingual) and can be integrated with one another. We offer these modules on License as well as Subscription basis.


Vehicle enters the boundary of city on which Municipal Corporation collects a tax called Octroi. It is collected from the importer by different rates. (Depends on type of good which is imported)


  • Online Assessment /Transition Of Octroi Tax.
  • Assessment Of Wapsi pass (General, Special Wapsi Pass).
  • Assessment of Exempted Goods (Permanent, Returnable Exemption).
  • On Spot Octroi Tax Collection Facility For Flying Squad.
  • Auction Of various goods detained by octroi department.
  • Ten Times Duty or penalty recovery.
  • Online Scanning Of Various documents submitted by Octroi taxpayer.
  • Various MIS Reports.


Establishments carrying out business in dangerous and offensive (Hazardous) items are required to obtain a trade license from their respective Municipalities. It is important to regulate trading within the city to ensure that the citizens are not adversely affected by the improper carrying on of a trade.


  • On line submission of various licenses applications like PFA
  • Pets, Senior Citizen.
  • Approval Work flow management.
  • Maintenance of fee structure for various license category for various slabs.
  • Collection of license fee.
  • Collection of license fee.
  • Issue of license Certificates.

e-Tendering System

The E-Tendering system maintains complete tendering process. Tenders are differentiated with the location and department. Tender can also be reopened in case of any unavoidable reason like contract breaching. After selecting appropriate bidder, the tender cell forwards bidder to respective department and close the tender.


  • online bidder registration and collection of registration fee if applicable.
  • On line tender creation, its advertisement.
  • Tender form selling and collection of tender form fee.
  • Tender submission.
  • Tender opening and allocation to technical & commercial lowest tendervarious
  • Secured digital signature and Secured Socket Layer Certificateoverall cost.
  • Maintains Status of allotted work.
  • ! Various MIS Reports.

Hoarding Management

This keeps track of hoarding information in details like request for hoarding, application status, deposit details, renewal details, owner of the hoarding, area where hoarding is installed, contact details of hoarding owner, whether hoarding is advertised or not, rates and duration of hoarding for advertisement, photo gallery etc.


  • On line registration and collection of registration fee if applicable.
  • Application for new license, renewal, size change, cancellation and its approval.
  • Collection of various payment.
  • Collection of various payment
  • Tender opening and allocation to technical & commercial lowest tendervarious
  • Location wise Photo Gallery.
  • Maintains Status of allotted work.
  • Various MIS Reports.

Birth and Death

This is one of the important systems handled by the Municipal Corporations. This module is capable of Building database of Births & Deaths, Still Births and making the process of Births & Deaths registration on line and simple. The issue of Births & Death Certificates is citizen friendly. It facilitates on line generation of statistical / MIS reports required at various levels.


  • Registration of Hospital / Non-Hospital Events
  • Changes to Registrations
  • Inclusion of Name on a later date in case of Birth Registration
  • Issue and Registration of Certificates
  • Issue and Registration of Certificates
  • Regularization of Registration not done earlier.

CESS Management

After an in-depth study by various Committees appointed with a view to finding a viable alternative, the Government of Maharashtra decided to try a novel account based system of levy of CESS in lieu of 'Octroi'. This will result in a free flow of vehicular traffic and efficient collection of CESS revenue.


  • Registration of various traders for CESS.
  • Collection of registration fee.
  • Cancellation of registration.
  • On line submission of return cum challange by the traders.
  • Collection of CESS.
  • Auditing of returns filed by the traders.
  • Sending of various notices to the traders.

Water Supply Billing

Main functions of Water supply and Billing Module are computation of water meter reading, generation of water bill and subsequent modifications in case of faulty water meter etc if required, maintain ledger for each subscriber, collection of water bill amount.


  • Maintain records and status of each water connection.
  • Generate various MIS reports.
  • Provide connectivity with centralized database.
  • Integration with other modules.
  • Impose security on database and application on various levels.
  • Maintaining consumer details, Meter Status details.
  • Online Payment’ facility will be provided to make payment process easier.

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