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Product : e-Business Solution (Java ERP) V 2.0
OS : Linux/ Windows
Database : Oracle 10g/ 11g
Application Server : Weblogic/ GlassFish

Automatic Data Logging of Feeder

  • This System is designed to automatically collect, analyze, and store 46 electrical parameters of each feeder in a substation.
  • The parameters which are monitored are Energy (Active, Reactive and Apparent), Power (Active, Reactive, and Apparent), Voltages, Currents, Power factor for each phase and cumulative. In addition to this, Demand and Time of Day (TOD) are also computed.
  • The data is collected from the feeders through a non-intrusive sensor on the CT circuit, and PT connections. The system is fully transparent to the working of the substation, and fault on either side do not affect the other system.
  • The data collected from each feeder is fed to a Multi-Functional Device (MFD), which compute the various parameters, and display them on a LED display. This data is then uploaded to the Data logger for data storage and alarm condition settings.
  • The data logger can collect the data from 64 MFD and store all the 46 parameters in a non-volatile memory. The data is retained for more than 30 days in case of power failure of computer system failure.
  • The central user can download the data from the data logger in a computer for displaying on screen tabular or graphical reports for the sub station, or transmitting it to the central server for consolidation.

Advantages of the System

Non Intrusive

  • The system does not touch the Sub station Current Transformer (CT) circuit to install the MFD and take signals.
  • It makes sure that any fault on either side, i.e. substation or our system side does not affect each other.

Fast to Install

  • Since the CT circuit is not opened, the system can be installed even when the sub station is ON LOAD, and does not require shutdown for it.

Fail Safe Data Retention

  • Since the data logger is installed, there is no need for the computer and other data transmission systems to be functional all the time.
  • Even in case of power outage in the sub station, the last 30 days data will remain in the data logger non volatile memory for 12 months.

No Manpower Required

  • The system does not require any manpower to operate. Even in case of power outage, the system shuts down and restarts automatically without any human intervention.
  • The only human intervention required is to instruct the computer to transfer the data to the central server via modem when ever required.

Negligible Maintenance

  • Since the system is isolated, external disturbances do not generally affect it, and the maintenance required is negligible.

Very Easy Reporting

  • The computer has a very user friendly program to give graphical or tabular outputs of the following:
  • Any Feeder
  • Any of the 46 Electrical Parameters
  • Any time frame (hourly / shift wise / daily / weekly / monthly etc.) The reports can be seen on screen or printed for future reference

Advanced Analysis

  • Since there will be more than 25 Million data available daily, analysis of the system in very great depth can be carried out for future reference or improvement by the user.
  • With this data available in standard Database compatible format, the user can predict future faults by looking at the trends available, and take remedial actions
  • The user can send the data to the central design departments for taking corrective actions on future procurement

Fault Analysis

  • 2944 data of the last 10 second before a fault occurs is available, and the user can pin point the exact cause of fault.
  • Trends at the time of faults are available which can be plotted with similar occurrences earlier, to locate the fault.


  • Isolated signals from the Feeder Current Transformers “CT" without disconnecting the CT wires and intruding in the sub station system.
  • Voltage signals from the Potential Transformer of the feeder
  • 230 VoltsAC / DC auxiliary supply

Output to Data Logger

  • All the displayed parameters through a computer serial link
  • Date
  • Real Time

Specification of MFD

  • 96 x 96 x 45 panel front mounted box, weight 300 gmsthe CT wires and intruding in the sub station system.
  • IP 51 protection, Humidity 5% to 95% non condensing, Protection Class III, Pollution degree 2, Clearance and creepage meets as per UL508 safety standards
  • Burden on CT < 0.2 VA, Aux supply Power < 5 VA, Accuracy Class 0.2 / 0.5 / Class 1
  • True RMS measurement, 4 Quadrant Power and Energy, 1 sec update time
  • Auto-scaling of Kilo / Mega / Giga
  • Baud rate upto 19200 bps

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