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Facility Management

ExpertiseFacility Management

Facility Management

  • Mail Box Creation / Deletion / Modifying / Movement.
  • Creation, Installation and establishment of New Mail Server with or without cluster mode
  • Creation and Implementation of SPAM filter, SMTP Servers and other services related to Postfix, other type of Mail Server
  • Performing Daily Backups of mail Boxes.
  • Monitoring Mail Queue
  • Monitoring Mail Traffic.
  • Monitor the Replication of Public Folders.
  • Monitor the Replication of Directory.
  • Monitoring Critical Services eg., MTA,OWA
  • Monitor the Network Performance & Ping Performance on Timely Basis
  • Monitoring Log Files
  • Monitoring protocols
  • Installation and configuration of messaging server and troubleshooting.
  • Defining the E Mail Policy
  • Implementation of Mail Aging Policy / E Mail Policy
  • Public Folder Maintenance (Defining Hierarchy)
  • Defining the Backup & Restore Policy
  • Recycling MTA in case it goes down
  • Queue Clearing in case of huge attachments
  • Define the Time Schedule for replication
  • Analyzing Log Files
  • Configuring IDS and Antivirus Configuration for Mail server.
  • Troubleshooting on exchange application
  • Troubleshooting on Active Directory domain policies

Incident Management

  • Monitoring Status of security components and alerts, ports on firewalls
  • Monitoring Bounced Messages
  • Spam database update status
  • Monitoring Service Status (Up & Running),
  • Virus Alerts from Critical Servers
  • Logging security incidents
  • Assigning severity to the Incidents logged based on the definition.
  • First level analysis (investigating problems) and closure of known and low priority security incidents. Logging Problem Ticket for unresolved Incidents
  • Sending Security Alert messages on newly found vulnerabilities

Problem Management

  • Implementation of Change and Release Management
  • Installation of security patches & bug fixes
  • System health checks for all security devices
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Adhering and Implementing guidelines and policies (BS7799)
  • Defining Rules in line with the security policy.
  • Responding to events and fixing vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure (like IPS, Checkpoint logs)

Performance Management

  • Implementation of Firewall


  • Antivirus installation and configuration
  • Hardening of Windows / Linux OS
  • Installation of Windows / Linux OS
  • Installation of standard softwares and the service packs and patches
  • Customizing the installation for the requirement
  • Modification of programs, installation/uninstallation of services and setting the startup options, configuring the applications as per the requirement. Configuration
  • Disk management - creating partitions for the different types of servers
  • Joining the machine to domain
  • Modification of network settings
  • Configuration of DHCP scopes and reservations
  • Configuration of Routing and remote access in case it has to be VPN server
  • Configuration of WINS
  • Configuring backup (native backup if there is no 3rd party softwares available)
  • Configuring IIS - web server, log settings
  • Configuring terminal services - terminal server
  • AD database management
  • Backup - media management
  • Exchange backup management with 3rd party software
  • Preparation of daily/weekly/monthly checklist
  • Scheduling the patch installation
  • Shift update/handover
  • Updating knowledge base
  • Backup management - restoration drill

Day to Day activities

  • Disk space management
  • Log file maintenance
  • CPU, Memory monitoring
  • Updating knowledge base
  • User account management
  • Services monitoring
  • Backup completion

DB Instances

  • Start up and shutdown of Database instances
  • Setting up of Database replication/standby/clusters
  • Job scheduling


  • Verify all Instances are running
  • Look for any new alert log entries
  • Look for Trace files
  • Session Monitoring
  • Activity / Redo Log monitoring
  • Replication / Stand by monitoring
  • Object Monitoring
  • Verify free space in table spaces
  • Verify rollback segments


  • Re-organisation of DB to remove fragmentation
  • Rebuild of indexes
  • Analyze of objects
  • Purging of DB logs and trace files

Performance Management

  • Verify that Server has enough resources for acceptable performance
  • Periodic Report Generation on Database Health
  • Identify bad growth projections
  • Identify space-bound objects
  • Review contention for CPU, memory, network, and disk resources
  • Generating statistics
  • Look for harmful growth rates
  • Look for I/O Contention
  • Review fragmentation by investigating row chaining and other areas of fragmentation


  • Roles and Privileges Management
  • Look for security policy violations
  • Look in Net8 logs for errors and other issues
  • Privileges & Access controls on Database

Backup and Recovery

  • Verify that the database archiving to tape was successful
  • Verify that the database backup was successful
  • Backup execution and monitoring
  • Archive all alert logs to history
  • Conduct Backup, restoration drills for backup verification


  • Database Connectivity issues
  • Slow response
  • Operations timed out
  • Database Hangs
  • Database incident and error resolution
  • Archiver Process Stuck
  • Database incident and error resolution

Incident Management

  • Troubleshooting system alerts with knowledge base
  • Antivirus definition update
  • File system backup and restore operation
  • Product job scheduling
  • Administer SAN storage arrays and SAN fabrics

Problem Management

  • Closure of new incidents
  • Liasoning with service providers for escalation
  • Root cause analysis
  • Preparation of Preventive Maintenance calendar
  • Managing and configuring replication
  • SAN / NAS access control review
  • Media management

Performance Management

  • Monthly / Fortnightly call analysis
  • Audit of administrator accounts
  • Preparation of capacity report

Backup Management

  • Performing backup operations for the servers as per the defined backup strategy
  • Ensuring proper storage and handling of media to prevent data loss.
  • Conducting restoration drills with sample backed-up data on a quarterly basis to confirm data integrity
  • Maintaining log sheets of backups taken
  • Implementing best practices on backup

Incident Management

  • Monitoring resource usage
  • Troubleshooting alert calls with knowledge base
  • Monitoring LAN traffic
  • Backup of configuration & restoration
  • Addition and modification of routes

Problem Management

  • Closure of new incidents
  • Liasoning with service providers for escalation
  • Preparing root cause analysis
  • Syslog analysis
  • Creation & modification of access list
  • Implementation of hardening mechanism
  • Providing remote access

Performance Management

  • Monthly / Fortnightly call analysis
  • Device rights control
  • Preparation of capacity report
  • Management of IP address
  • Response time analysis & report

Local Area Network (LAN) – L3/L2 Switches

  • 24X7 Switch availability monitoring.
  • Configuring thresholds for switch CPU usage,& memory usage
  • Performing switch, port, VLAN configurations
  • Monitor Switch CPU / memory usage.
  • Monitor Switch Port Status of uplink and other critical interfaces.
  • Monitor and control configuration aspects like IP address, subnet mask, DNS settingsetc.
  • Alarm generation, handling and filtering
  • Switch Troubleshooting and recovery in case of any outage
  • Monitoring existing IOS/Cat OS & patch installed and Managing new IOS/Cat OS upgrades
  • Store and document the configuration and change details in the form of reports
  • Trend based consultancy based on historical data samples and Capacity Planning.
  • Providing selective resource access by configuring suitable access list on the switch.
  • Configuring authentication protocols that are available in Cisco IOS (like AAA)
  • User Account Management, Configuring user authentication through TACACS or RADIUS servers
  • Implement privilege rights based on user rights for controlled access.
  • Implement encrypted password management mechanisms on all supported devices
  • Ensure security against asynchronous terminals, such as console terminals and from integrated modem line.
  • Switch hardening and implementing best practices.
  • Configuration-backup and management.
  • Log Management.
  • Service provider Management.
  • Reports Generation like Switch Availability, CPU utilization, Capacity Planning & Trend Analysis Report.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

  • 24X7 monitoring of the Site availability.
  • Configuring thresholds for router CPU, memory, bandwidth usage, error % and monitoring the same.
  • 24X7 monitoring for any faults (like router outages, link outages, exceeding set thresholds).
  • Back-up link availability testing and monitoring.
  • Threshold setting on Performance statistics and alarm generation against any violations.
  • Build and configure redundant links, equipment to handle eventuality & reduce downtime.
  • Network Troubleshooting & recovery in case of any outage
  • Performing router, switch, link and modem reconfiguration
  • Monitor and control configuration aspects like IP address, subnet mask, DNS settingsetc.
  • Monitoring existing IOS & patch installed and managing new IOS upgrades.
  • Monitoring of RAS usage and configuring RAS users as per policy.
  • Creating new users (Administrative and Privileged) and managing them.
  • New authentication configuration using Network authentication servers like TACACS, RADIUS etc, if any.
  • Trend based consultancy based on historical data samples and Capacity Planning.
  • Configuring and managing IPSEC tunnels (site to site and Remote Access VPN).
  • User Account Management: Configuring user authentication through TACACS or RADIUS servers.
  • Configuring authentication protocols that are available in Cisco IOS (like PAP, CHAP and AAA).
  • Implement encrypted password management mechanisms on all supported devices
  • Implement privilege rights based on user rights for controlled access. All requests for user creation, modification and deletion will be authorized by customer’s concerned people in a prescribed format.
  • Network Device Hardening.
  • Configuration-backup and management.
  • Log Management.
  • Generate Reports Like Site Availability, Link uptime, ISDN uptime, Bandwidth Utilization, Application-wise Analysis, Link Error, Latency, and CPU utilization

Help Desk Services

Integrate all of your service management across your business. Get fix-it-right-on-the-first-report problem resolution. It helps improve service levels by building a single point of contact, consolidating and automating the handling of all service requests both technical and non technical.

Asset and Configuration Management Services

Capture, track, report on, and manage all the hardware and software assets in your portfolio and deliver the information needed to make better decisions. The idea of this exercise is to do management of the asset & configuration database in order to ensure control over configurations to minimize disruption and downtime accruing from changes. This is done using tools as well through physical tracking.

Desktop Management Services

This service includes Analyzing and Troubleshoot problems related to the Desktops and related Peripherals devices like printers and scanners. It includes support on operating system like Windows or LINUX along with office applications and mail client support.

Multi-vendor Maintenance Support Services

Get the multi-vendor hardware maintenance and support you need for all your hardware products including Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Printers, Routers, Switches and UPSs.

Vendor Management Services

Vendor management is a critical component to service delivery in multi-vendor environments of today. We manage third-party service arrangements including logistics/leases, licensing, repairs and service delivery and follow up on manufacturer-initiated upgrades/patches.

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