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HospyCare- HMIS

ProductsHospyCare- HMIS

Product : HospyCare V 1.4
OS : Linux/ Windows
Database : Oracle 10g/ 11g
Application Server : Weblogic/ GlassFish

Zulekha Hospital UAE

Central Private Hospital Sharjah

AIMS Dombivali

HospyCare V 1.4

HospyCare V 1.4 is a complete web based fully integrated modular software suitable for all Healthcare Institutions. It is a comprehensive package which has been carefully developed to put the prevailing healthcare practice information right at the fingertips of the user in a logical, predictable, and easy-to-understand manner to automate office procedures and reduce their operational expenses. It caters to the complex interdependent transactions across all the departments of healthcare institutes.

It takes care of all needs of the healthcare institute like patient registration, appointment, tracking medical activities, billing, pharmacy, inventory, Nursing, scheduling, reminders etc. in a customizable way.

It is integrated with back office operations like Insurance, Finance, EMR and HR operations. Main feature of this system is multi-location configuration, i.e. it can be operated centrally or in a distributed environment. It helps in better control/reporting across group of hospitals by generating consolidated report/results.



This module helps the user to manage doctors time table and patient information, appointment, Billing etc.


This module helps a Doctor in managing as well as maintaining a patient's history related to treatment or any other activity done by him. Electronic Medical Records can be prepared which helps to manage every minute detail related to the patient.

  • Ordering of medical services
  • Ordering of investigations
  • Ordering of medicines
  • Scheduling of patient appointment
  • Scheduling of surgery
  • Grouping of patient visits specific information


There are many types of services which are delivered within the hospital like E.C.G., X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Echocardiography, Ultrasound, Mammography etc. These modules are integrated with OP/IP., Most of the services delivered on these centers are schedulable. This module enables user to perform following activities and processes in a scientific and systematic manner in order to utilize the available resource at optimum level.

  • Ordering of services
  • Scheduling/rescheduling of services
  • Sample collection
  • Browsing and viewing of services scheduled
  • Result entry, approval, review


The operation theatre module handles both the outpatient and inpatient operations. It is linked with the billing, Ward & Nursing, stores, OPD and pharmacy. It offers features such as operation theatre booking, its scheduling, surgery entry etc. This ensure the proper functioning of the operation theatre.


It caters to all Nursing and Ward Management functions like admission, Bed/Day care/ OT Booking, vital sign, nursing notes, patient service requests, provisional/final bed allocation, bed transfer, patient discharge etc.


Nowadays hospitals offer different packages to their patients. With this module, user can define customized package. This Module also takes care of utilization and transfer provision to customize package at the time of booking.


This module maintains all the details of the location of the patient’s medical files. MRD (Medical Record Department) provides online information such as orders, procedures, prescriptions, lab results and other pieces of information centrally. This also allows secure two-way sharing of patient information and its tracking within the system.


This module is a unique feature in HospyCare which can define policies dynamically. It can include practically every detail about coverage, terms & conditions, restrictions, validity and any other information required in the policy. It is completely user defined as the module is built exclusively for generating, submitting and tracking of Insurance. It validates the Policy status by collecting clinical and billing data on-line from relevant modules. It automatically generates all necessary supportive documents for claims and complies.


This module manages all inventory items required for hospital with central governance. Major operations includes, process requisitions, PO generation, receipts/Issues, reord of stock etc.


This module includes issuing the medicines and consumables in the pharmacy against the orders for patients/ user departments in hospital, raising purchase requisitions, receipt, stock maintenance etc.


This is integrated financial accounting. It takes care of all financial transactions related to the hospital viz. posting of invoices, cash, bank, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, insurance payment processing, budgeting, costing, fixed asset maintenanceetc up to final Balance Sheet.


This module manages employee information (i.e. bio-data, history, progressetc.), leave management, attendance management, payroll processing, incentive management.


  • ICD-10, DICOM compliant.
  • Multi-location (Group hospital) support i.e. can be operated centrally or distributed environment available in two options i.e. Completely Web based or Client server as per organization’s need.
  • Export of report data into various formats like Excel, XML, text etc.
  • Customizable features to meet the unique needs of your organization
  • Customizable numbering logic for various numbering requirements like Patient Information No.(PIN), various Voucher Numbers like Bank, Cash transactions etc.
  • User and Role based security settings
  • Recalls, Reminder setting concerning patient-related issues, billing, scheduling and more.
  • Quick access menu options using shortcut keys
  • User customizable favourite menu for quick access
  • Required data fields are colour-coded
  • User customizable colour scheme for input screen
  • Upload documents in a variety of saved formats, including images, movie, audio, and Microsoft Office files
  • Schedule patients, physicians and resources, including equipment and specialty staff.
  • Rules-based scheduling, which prevents appointments from being scheduled if they conflict with any Doctor-set criteria, such as the availability of resources or a physician off-site day. Quickly find next available time slot
  • Identify appointments by assigning color code
  • Over 200 + pre-loaded reports

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