Micropro is thorough, time tested since 1988 (3 Decades) with 5000+ client base business solution software designed to meet every need of a Pharmacy / Wholesale / C & F Distribution business.
We have come up with the new product on latest technology, keeping in mind every phase of ups and downs the business experiences. Our more than 3 decade of hardcore pharma software development experience, thorough market study and unshakable confidence makes us proud to introduce revolutionary business solution software for PHARMACY business.
We have a well established track record and our services have always met with great customer’s satisfaction. We offer exclusive services at a very competent price and have never been known to compromise on the quality of our services.

Pharma Zip App

Pharma zip App is online and real time App integrated with Micropro Pharma Software. As and when order is confirmed by customer or Salesman on App, order is auto generated in Pharma software with a prompt.

  • No Multiple Entries of Order is needed
  • Get Stock Inventory Status
  • Faster Order Processing, Saves Time
  • View Order History
  • Avoid Counter Chaos / Crowd
  • Enter your Orders Anytime from Anywhere



  • User Defined Invoice and Voucher printing.
  • Separate series of cash and credit bills .
  • User defines Tax structure.
  • CR or replacement adjustment in bills.
  • Batch No. selection on FIFO basis.
  • Discount product wise and bill wise.
  • Second day cash option.


  • Maintain Cash / Bank Receipt and Payment.
  • Generate general vouchers.
  • Manages bills payable and receivables.
  • Bank reconciliation.
  • Preparation of books of accounts like trail balances, cash & Bank book, P&L Account, balance sheet etc.
  • Age wise analysis.


  • Retailer can print schedule H1 report Doctor wise, item-wise and date-wise.


  • Profit margin report can be monitored bill-wise and product wise.


  • Tally conversion helps retailers to migrate the data in Tally A/C software (only 7.2 or above version supported currently)


  • SMS facility updates owner to know the status of sale / purchase hourly.


  • Auto purchase order generation on minimum stock.
  • Handles multiple batch expiry date and price.
  • Lock, Unlock batch and bifurcation for changed information.
  • Multi location stock management.


  • Monitor near expiry / non moving items.
  • Facility to lock / split batches.


  • E-Milan facility bridges transactions between Stockist and Retailers via internet.


  • Retailers can avail all input and output GST reports.


  • This software is specially designed for Multi-user Environment, i.e. same software can be used with more than one computer terminals simultaneously.


  • This facility enhances the speed of billing with minimum typing efforts.
  • It also helps in avoiding mistakes specially of Batch No. entry.


  • Regular updates as per universal requirement in Pharma Retail Schedule H1 register date, item and Doctor-wise.


  • Generates over 150 pre defined reports.
  • VAT input output computation
  • salesman wise dispatch / outstanding status.
  • Area wise sales analysis report.
  • profit margin monitoring.
  • Auto generation of Dr / Cr note for rate variation.

range of products

The Retail Software is developed and designed keeping in mind the numerous challenges faced by the small and big pharmaceuticals retailers. It aspires to provide the best possible and easy solutions according to the needs of the retailers.

It is completely automated software which provides facilities like easy billing, proper record of inventories, purchase, sales, expiries etc. It enables efficient management of the entire enterprise with minimal cost and time.

  • Multi User Software
  • SMS Facility
  • Tally Conversion
  • Bar Code Scanning Facility
  • Import Facility or Purchase Inwards (through CSV, txt, xlx, or DBF file types)
  • Order E-Mail
  • Prescription Scanning
  • Prescription Storage
  • Bill amount adjustment (as per amount available with customer)
  • E-Milan Facility
  • Profit Margin Report
  • Schedule H1 Report
  • Export Facility
  • Detailed GST report
  • Windows 7/8/10 compatibility

The Wholesale software is a windows based software product which acts as a complete support to the pharmaceutical distributors and wholesalers. It is particularly developed keeping in mind the challenges faced by the wholesalers.

The wholesaler are requested to handle multiple products and suppliers to cater the needs of the retailers. Also they have to provide detail reports to manufacturing companies and their MR’s. Since most of the business is credit based, they need to maintain proper tracking of outstanding and accounting.

The software is a fully integrated and modular package designed to make the day to day operations of the wholesalers hassle free. It consolidates the various activities like sales, purchases, inventory and financial accounts management etc. which helps to increase the revenue of the firm by reducing the cost of operation even under heavy daily transactions.

  • Cash / Bank Receipts & Payment
  • Generates General Vouchers
  • Manages Bills Payable and Receivables
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • VAT Input / Output
  • Age wise Analysis
  • Android App
  • SMS Facility
  • Import and Export Facility
  • Profit Margin Monitoring
  • Auto Generation Dr / Cr Note
  • Facility to Lock / Split Batches
  • Monitor near Expiry / Non moving items
  • Auto purchase order generation
  • Multi location Stock Management
  • Tally Conversion
  • User defined invoice voucher printing
  • User defined Tax Structure
  • Prepares Books of Accounts like Trial balance
  • Cash and Bank book
  • P&L Account
  • Discount and Scheme Management
  • Balance sheet etc.

The Super trade software is one of the most innovative product designed and developed by Micropro. SuperTrade has been crafted in a way that it solves all major problem faced by the Pharma C&F Agents or super stockists. The main advantage is, it makes the day to day business transactions easy enabling the most efficient working of the firm at minimum cost.

SuperTrade is unique, user friendly software which gives solutions to the various hurdles faced by the super stockist while performing there day to day business activities. SuperTrade comes with an assurance of prompt and quality customer support by our team of experts and supply of required updates on timely basis. our after sales services and training support is the backbone behind the success story of our SuperTrade software

  • Company wise sales purchase ledger outstanding
  • Import and Export facility
  • Salesman, Zonal Sales Manager, Area Sales Manager, Regional Sales Manager wise all reports
  • AIOCD update patches
  • Auto locking sales facility


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