The impact of e-patient portal adoption

Micropro e-patient portal is practiced by health care professionals to treat patients through modern technology. In other words, it’s a tool which brings health care solutions to patients (via remote healthcare) who don’t have access to a medical practitioner easily. E-Patient Portal (telemedicine) is bridging the gap between the patients, the doctors and the hospitals. Such portals can be used for non-emergency purposes to deliver health care services where distance is a big factor and it is cheaper than the visits to the hospital.

In the past decade there’s been a rapid increase in the usage of the E-patient portal. Due to the global pandemic, hospitals had to limit their patient’s visits, the E-patient portal helped virtual visits as an integral part of hospitals. The health care professionals use this as a way of communication for the better understanding of the treatment which needs to be given to the patient.

Telemedicine has three common types of telemedicine:

  • Interactive Medicine– it allows the patient and the doctor to interact with each other through real time.
  • Store and Forward– it allows storing and sharing their medical records with other doctors.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring– it allows the practitioner to observe and treat the patients who are far away.

With the evolution of telemedicine, there are several interesting developments around the E-patient portal especially after the world was hit with the pandemic. People who have severe heart issues, behavioural health problems, it becomes very difficult for such patients to visit the hospital. There are many applications on the smartphones; many companies provide software to such hospitals. The future of the virtual visits to the doctor will come with the help of digitalisation.

Health care systems, practitioners are using Micropro E-patient portals to observe and give better treatment to the patients and provides patients easy access to the doctors who are not easily available. It is very important to understand the implication of the telemedicine, the technicalities, and the guidelines before a medical health care practitioner wants to include this into their practise. Providing knowledge is important before it is promoted. The awareness on how to use it and what are the advantages of using the E-Patient Portal or telemedicine can be provided by conducting workshops, promoting the usage and allocation the pros of using the technology.

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