Distribution Management System

The Distribution Management System (DMS) is an application that is designed to inspect or manage the distribution of the goods from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer and till the last consumer. DMS helps improve planning, distribution, etc. Through DMS, companies can get accurate data on their distribution and sales.

DMS is the first and foremost important thing for a company as it helps to collect all its information in one place. It helps the company track all the information on the distribution of its goods with ease. It is a major step taken towards controlling a business cycle for distributors and wholesalers. Modern-day distribution management system encloses more than just moving products from one place to another. The goal of every company is to achieve proper delivery of raw material and completely finished goods to the right place in a proper condition. Thus, DMS helps the company channel all of these step by step with the enterprise having the entire control.

DMS is important for a business’s commercial success. A few benefits of using the distribution management system:

   1.  It is convenient for customers and retailers.

   2. Managing dealers more easily and efficiently.

   3. Accurate visit report and order management.

   4. Increases business accuracy.

   5. Easy inventory monitoring process.

The Distribution Management System is the most used software by the FMCG sector in India; it is the fourth largest sector of the Indian economy. As a FMCG company, it needs to have real-time visibility of all the data of the entire distribution channel. If a company is not using DMS, it needs to keep track of each of its goods manually, which practically is next to imp-possible. One of the advantages of having DMS is better to claim settlement. Returns, schemes, damaged receipts, everything is automated through DMS. As well as for FMCG companies, promotions and schemes are the two most important drivers for the business.

Every company spends a lot on these activities, but there is no record or tracking of schemes and promotions if they are reaching out to the advantages for the retailers. It is important for a FMCG company to maintain optimum stock at different touch-points such as stockiest, distributor retailer, etc. A DMS gives you the exact outlook on the stock, expiry dates, returns, batch number, etc. With one system in place, the company can ensure the process with standard procedure and all the distribution which takes place is controlled by only one system.

Microrpro’s DMS software manages to overcome the extra cost of the business which particularly involves retail management. The efficiency of the distribution keeps increasing day by day, as there is transparency of transactions, no miss-match of the raw materials or any goods reaching the wrong place, and distributors and the retailers are benefiting from time reduction of order and delivery. Installing Micropro’s DMS software can help manufacturers identify the loopholes at the distribution level and retailers, and try fixing the loopholes proactively. Businesses find it very easy to operate Micropro’s DMS software as it eases a lot of manpower. Micropro’s DMS solution is not only a money saver but a time saver too; a lot of tasks that usually take hours and even days can quickly be automated.

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